Pre-installation of Air Conditioning Benalmádena

Doctor Frio offers its clients pre-installation of air conditioning systems
for new construction or regular housing.

Pre-installation of air conditioning duct work

The pre-installation of air conditioning ducts in homes or commercial premises is a quick and easy process that does not have to last more than 2-3 days if performed by our professional air conditioning technicians. Of course, it is still a minor construction job at your premises, with all the inconvenience that it takes, but it is much simpler than it may seem at first glance. The installation must be carried out by qualified technicians like Doctor Frio, who consider all details, such as the unit's power. Premises size and distribution, and insolation need to be all taken into account. You may have doubts about installing the indoor unit in the false ceiling of the bathroom. You may wonder where the outdoor unit should go for the best performance. You may also be considering the quality of the materials used for the ducting. Whatever your doubt, we will be happy to assist you.
The site visit is crucial to assess the pre-installation of air conditioning ducts and make a sketch proposal. The best options for the installation are picked, solving possible complications that each home or business premises may present.
Once the customer has a clear idea about the pre-installation and how the work will develop, what begins is the most complicated part of the pre-installation of air conditioning ducts. Unless the house has a removable ceiling, the openings in the false ceilings have to be made. The machine is placed in the bathroom, while in the corridors runs the duct network. At this stage, the holes are made in the walls of the rooms, where later, the grills for the direct airflow are placed.
The outdoor condensing unit is attached to the facade wall with square brackets at this stage. The anti-vibration joints are placed to prevent noise.
Upon installing the air conditioning condenser, the next step is to create a network of air conditioning ducts throughout the house's corridors. The vents are made of a material that confers an exceptional quality to the duct finish thanks to its double aluminum coating.
Placed both the machine and the ductwork; it is time to put the ceiling in the hallway and bathroom. The corridor ceiling is generally made of plaster, while in the bathroom, a removable ceiling is installed to facilitate access for maintenance and repairs to the indoor unit.
Once the ceilings are closed, it is time to place the grills in the corresponding rooms. Finally, the entire installation is checked, and tests are carried out.

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If you need a professional company to buy and install air conditioning or air conditioning duct equipment, we are your company in Benalmádena.
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